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November 5, 2020

Horexs Thin FR4 pcb technology and next mission for R&D team of Horexs

IC assembly substrate pcb boards is the future pcb in CHINA and also for whole world people,It required us always improve our technology for production.Horexs as one of the famous thin FR4 circuit boards manufacturers,also cant stop R&D study,and cant stop import more advanced machines.


Package substrate containing embedded passive components
Including integrated passive components-such as inductors, capacitors, fuses and resistors, packaging substrate embedding technology, integrated capacitor and inductor for filter technology development
Diffusion packaging with embedded active components
Provide embedded chip packaging technology with the following design features
Single chip diffusion package
Multi-chip packaging
System-on-chip package
Multilayer RDL wiring
Thick copper on the back of the chip provides better heat dissipation.
Thin package (down to 200um package height)
Cutting-edge low loss material package substrate
Synchronously import process production with the most cutting-edge materials in the industry, providing customers with the latest and best choices for high-frequency application needs
Ultra-fine Interposer products
Super fine interposer solutions for the following design features:
Copper bumps with various surface treatments below 100um center distance,
Bump PAD is less than 50 microns;
The hole under the Bump is 35um,
FINE-LINE 8/8 micron
Cavity technology
Use ACCESS's unique PILLAR technology to develop various solutions with CAVITY design packaging substrates.
Copper bumps with various surface treatments
Copper bumps with various surface treatments with a center distance of 100 microns or less, including anti-oxidation film, nickel-palladium-gold, tin-immersed/tin-plated copper bumps, etc.
FCCSP, FCBGA coreless packaging substrates for high-end digital chip applications
Each layer adapts to the following design guidelines:
Line thickness/line gap: 15/15um,
Through hole diameter: 40um or even smaller,
Insulation thickness: 25um or less

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