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HOREXS is a famous Chinese IC substrate manufacturer which professionally produce 2-6L substrate (buildup types) exceeded 10 years.


Since in 2009,HOREXS already focus on semiconductor packaging substrate manufacturing


Advanced packaging Substrate Manufacturer
( Wire bonding/ Sip/ FCCSP/ Memory/ Module/etc)

our team

R&D teams average age exceeded 30 years,Once was Worked at ASE.

HongRuiXing (Hubei) Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Full intelligent production

Full artomatic processing

Process tracking

Moving times control

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company news
china latest news about HOREXS attend Malaysia EMAX-Electronics Manufacturing exhibition
On May 11, 2023
HOREXS will participate in EMAX-Electronics Manufacturing for the first time on 12th July 2023. Expo Asia EMAX 2023 is the only electronic manufacturing and assembly technology and equipment event that brings together international chip manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers and equipment ...
china latest news about CNY holiday end,2nd factory running
On February 2, 2023
Dear all customers, HOREXS old and new factory now all come back working on 2th Feb.Welcome order the capacity for semiconductor packaging substrate fabrication.HOREXS people always do our best to support you. As the global IC substrate developing very fast past 2020,2021,2022,HOREXS built a second ...
china latest news about Visit & explore HOREXS IC substrate manufacturing plant
On October 31, 2022
Hongruixing (Hubei) Electronics Co., Ltd. (HOREXS Group, HRX), formerly known as Boluo Hongruixing Electronics Co., Ltd., focuses on memory chip packaging substrate business. The packaging substrate has been manufactured for more than 10 years and has a certain position in the domestic memory chip ...
china latest news about HOREXS new plant (package substrate) factory was put into production
On September 1, 2022
Recently, it is reported that the first phase of the IC carrier board (also known as packaging substrate) factory built by Hongruixing (Hubei) Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hongruixing & HOREXS") has been put into trial production recently, and is currently undertaking It has ...
china latest news about HOREXS facility
On October 13, 2022
IC carrier board, also known as package substrate, is a carrier that connects and transmits signals between a bare chip (DIE) and a printed circuit board (PCB). It can be understood as a high-end PCB product. The function of the IC carrier board is mainly to protect the circuit, fix the circuit and ...