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Quality Control

HongRuiXing (Hubei) Electronics Co.,Ltd. Quality Control

Horexs people believe that quality is the life of a company.The continuous pursuit of high quality is the guarantee of Horexs's continuous operation. Good hardware equipment provides the driving force for high quality. Strict and strict management system provides guarantee for the increasingly perfect quality. Horexs has strictly followed the strict implementation of the requirements of international quality system standards, constantly updated the advanced equipment, optimize the process, so that customer satisfaction for the purpose, adhere to the principle of prevention-based, test-assisted, and constantly improve themselves.


Horexs insist help customer by technology,Not price,Good quality pcb by manufacturing,not by inspection.Horexs has an advanced manufacture machines in our factory,As a whole process IC substrate manufacturer,Almost our machines are buy from Japan,such as LDI(soldermask,circuit line,Mekki laminate press so on),AOI/AVI. The professional inspection personnel and the factory of each board have passed repeated testing of multiple processes and achieved a good quality rate of 99.7%, which is not inferior to any industry. A ultra thin printed circuit board manufacturer, in the inspection process, each process has professional personnel to operate, use the latest hardware and software, so that each product delivered to the customer is assured products, bad board is manufactured, so Horexs In addition to During the inspection process, we strictly control the inflow of customers and constantly improve our technology and seek the highest yield rate.


Standard:IPC/JEDC,Industrial 4.0


1-Material income control

FR4: Mainly brand:SHENGYI,Mitsubishi(BT-FR4),mitsuiseiki,OhmegaPly,Ticer,AMC,Isola,AGC,Neclo,Rogers,Taconic,Others

Soldermask:TAIYO INK,ABQ


2-Quality control System(6S management system)

Income material quality control

manufacture process control

Product reliability control

Quality system control(test/checking)

Outgo quality control

after-sales services supporting

R&D technical supporting

Package guarantee(shipping damage)

Reliability testing control


3.Smart&Auto manufacture,MES/ERP system;


HongRuiXing (Hubei) Electronics Co.,Ltd. quality control 0

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  • HongRuiXing (Hubei) Electronics Co.,Ltd.
    Standard: quality certification report
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    Expiry Date: 2021-09-12
    Scope/Range: the manufature of circuit board
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  • HongRuiXing (Hubei) Electronics Co.,Ltd.
    Standard: patent certification
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    Scope/Range: moistureproof PCB
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  • HongRuiXing (Hubei) Electronics Co.,Ltd.
    Standard: patent certification
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    Scope/Range: a kind PCB can resist distortion
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  • HongRuiXing (Hubei) Electronics Co.,Ltd.
    Standard: patent certification
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    Scope/Range: a kind of Flexible PCB
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  • HongRuiXing (Hubei) Electronics Co.,Ltd.
    Standard: SGS
    Number: QIP-ASI192727
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    Issued By: SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd.)
  • HongRuiXing (Hubei) Electronics Co.,Ltd.
    Standard: UL
    Number: E480398
    Issue Date: 2020-07-21
    Expiry Date:
    Issued By: UL
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