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July 1, 2024

HOREXS will attend the Semicon Eurpa 2024

HOREXS AKEN will attend to the SemiconEuropa 2024 in Munich Germany. Welcome to discuss PCB substrate cooperation with us.To explore with AKEN and see how HOREXS help to reduce your IC substrate cost with our high realiability guarantee.


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HOREXS PCB Substrate manufacture capability:

1- More than 10 layers (Anylayers layup with blind/burry hole);
2- Layer to layer alignment accuracy:0.025mm;
3- CORE with resin filling;
4.- L/S (HVM):20/20 um;
5- Impedance tolerance ±10%;
6- Outline tolerance ±0.1mm;
7- Finished thickness:0.1-1.22±0.1mm;
8- Own patent of PSR within 2um flatness;

HOREXS process:
1- mSAP, RCC, Substrative,
HOREXS production system:
1- MES , ERP

Flash/nand memory(BGA), SiP package, CSP package, FCCSP package, FCBGA package.
Fingerprint/Sensors, MEMS, Microelectroics, RFmodule, mmwave, HDIPCB.

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