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February 2, 2023

CNY holiday end,2nd factory running

Dear all customers,


HOREXS old and new factory now all come back working on 2th Feb.Welcome order the capacity for semiconductor packaging substrate fabrication.HOREXS people always do our best to support you.


As the global IC substrate developing very fast past 2020,2021,2022,HOREXS built a second ic substrate manufacturer plant in hubei province in 2020.Curently,Fist stage released the full capacity for customers.In the end of 2023,HOREXS will keep invest 2stage plant in our own industrial park.


Semiconductor packaging substrate,It is a core part in semiconductor packaging process, which is a high density board of fine circuit that connects semiconductor's electrical signal to the mainboard/PCB board.It is used for automotive and various mobile devices that require high reliability.


Firstly, We have to let know the biggest advantage of cooperating with HOREXS:

  • Help reduce your substrate cost compare your currently suppliers,Especially base on mSAP process;
  • Help provide more capacity supporting;


The near future,HOREXS plan:

HOREXS- factory

Capacity:50000SQM monthly(Divide 3 stages)


  • 1st- stages: 【Released】
  1. Process: Tenting-RCC;
  2. Technology: Min.L/S 25/25um,2-6L;
  3. Capacity: 15000SQM/monthly;
  4. R&d and production: 8 Layer;
  5. Material : BT (MGC/Hitachi/Doosan/AMC/SYTech etc.);
  • 2nd-Stages:
  1. Will build in the end of 2023;
  2. Mainly enlarge capacity;
  3. 8 Layer turn into mass production;
  4. R&D 10 layer, Import SAP;
  • 3rd -stages:(On the Plan):
  1. Process: SAP process,support L/S 10/10um;
  2. ABF material;

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