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October 19, 2020

Focus on the production of ultra-thin circuit boards for IC substrates-HOREXS

HOREXS was ultra thin FR4 PCB manufacturer,which the product is widely use for CSP, EMMC, CMOS, BGA, HTCC, MEMS, MiniLED, fingerprint identification cards, flash memory cards and other products.

Recently, Boluo Hongruixing Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "HOREXS") completed the handover of work with the government and started the construction of the second fully automated factory. After completion, the company will continue to increase R&D investment and capacity expansion to accelerate the introduction of high-end customer products.

Founded in 2009, HOREXS is an IC packaging carrier board manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D and production. It is the earliest entry in China and one of the few private enterprises in China specializing in the production of IC packaging carrier boards. The company's IC packaging substrates include CSP, EMMC, CMOS, BGA, HTCC, MEMS, MiniLED, fingerprint identification cards, flash memory cards and other products.

Due to the rapid growth of the Chinese IC market, leading global packaging and testing companies such as ASE, Amkor, Changjiang Electronics Technology, Tongfu Microelectronics, and Huatian Technology are growing rapidly in China, which will also accelerate the localization of packaging materials in the future. In the IC packaging industry, packaging substrates have become the raw material with the largest sales share in the packaging material segment, accounting for more than 40% of packaging materials, and the global market size is close to 9 billion US dollars.

Compared with ordinary PCBs, IC substrates must have precise interlayer alignment, circuit imaging, electroplating, drilling, surface treatment and other technologies, which have a high threshold and difficult research and development. For a long time, the global IC substrate market has been basically monopolized by Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese companies, and the localization rate is less than 5%.

At present, there are countless professional packaging substrate manufacturers in China. At the beginning of its establishment in 2009, the company focused on the R&D, production and sales of packaging substrates. The packaging substrate industry is a technology and capital-intensive industry with complex manufacturing processes and high technical barriers. The company has accumulated more than ten years of experience and has formed a production capacity for multiple series of substrates. The company's storage packaging substrate products have stable quality, high customer recognition, considerable visibility in the industry, and domestically leading production technology capabilities and independent research and development capabilities.

HOREXS said that the IC substrate market has a large market and the localization rate is extremely low. China is the world's largest semiconductor consumer market, and it is also the world's fastest growing IC manufacturing / packaging and testing area. IC substrates will most likely replicate the eastward migration path of the PCB industry, and the industry will usher in new development opportunities. Compared with companies in the same industry, HOREXS has significant profitability. The company cooperates with the domestic industry chain to develop domestic packaging substrate materials, and through technological process innovation, production costs are significantly reduced. Through continuous improvement of management methods such as lean production, the company's product quality and production management have been significantly improved, and the company's production efficiency and profitability have been improved.

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