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January 20, 2021

Global chip shortages are rampant, TSMC and GF are under great supply pressure

According to Reuters, global chips are facing a severe shortage in history, with a wave sweeping industries such as TVs, mobile phones, automobiles, and airplanes. According to sources, TSMC and GF are facing supply pressure.

The global chip is currently facing a serious imbalance between supply and demand. The new crown epidemic has led to the blockade of Southeast Asia and paralyzed the supply chain, the US ban on Huawei has accelerated Huawei’s large stock of chips, the Asahi Kasei semiconductor factory has a fire, the ST semiconductor factory strikes, and more importantly, the 8-inch crystal The OEM capacity is seriously insufficient, and various factors have brought chip supply problems.

In addition, the demand for 5G mobile phones, laptops and automobiles in China has grown faster than expected, and orders for laptops and mobile phones in Europe and the United States have increased, which is also the cause of global chip shortages.

Kevin Anderson, senior analyst at Omdia, said that these products are all competing for the resources of the same fab, causing many industries to face chip shortages.

According to sources in the European semiconductor industry, the problem seems to be mainly in the foundry, especially the global foundry leader TSMC and GF are facing supply pressure, and TSMC's production capacity seems to be close to the limit.

A GF spokesperson said that it is currently increasing chip production capacity and plans to double its average capital expenditure next year. South Korea's DB HiTek, SMIC and UMC have all recently stated that their production lines will start operating at full capacity in the third quarter.

The industry pointed out that 8-inch is like squeezing the MRT in the new year, and the wafer capacity is insufficient. From the supply side, the plans of major manufacturers for 8-inch expansion cannot keep up with demand. On the demand side, the demand for power components, power management ICs, CMOS, RF and other analog chips is driven by terminal demand for home appliances, laptops, and automobiles. Various factors have led to an imbalance between supply and demand for 8-inch wafers. HOREXS is one of the famous IC substrate pcb manfuacturer in CHINA,Almost of the pcb are using for IC/Storage IC package/testing,IC assembly,Such as MEMS,EMMC,MCP,DDR,SSD,CMOS so on.Which was professional 0.1-0.4mm finished FR4 PCB manufacture!

According to SurplusGlobal's calculations, there are currently about 700 sets of 8-inch wafer manufacturing equipment sold in the market, but the demand for 8-inch wafer manufacturing equipment is at least 1,000 units. The shortage of used equipment will affect the short-term expansion progress of related manufacturers, plus some 6-inch wafers. The round factory closed, and the power components, analog chips and other products were switched to 8-inch wafers, further increasing the tightness of 8-inch production capacity.

The upstream IC components are tight, and the downstream complains. Donny Zhang, CEO of a purchasing company in Shenzhen, said that the shortage of parts has been plagued for a long time, and the key MCU of smart headsets has been out of stock. It was originally planned to complete production within one month, but now it seems that it will take two months to complete.

Another Japanese electronic component supplier also stated that there is a shortage of WiFi and Bluetooth chips, and delivery is expected to be delayed by more than 10 weeks.

Panasonic also stated that they are facing a shortage of chips and are planning to reduce the production of audio products. In addition, there are other negative factors, such as a fire that destroyed an Asahi Kasei chip factory in October, and the strike of STMicroelectronics also led to a decline in chip production capacity.

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