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May 11, 2023

HOREXS attend Malaysia EMAX-Electronics Manufacturing exhibition

HOREXS will participate in EMAX-Electronics Manufacturing for the first time on 12th July 2023.

Expo Asia EMAX 2023 is the only electronic manufacturing and assembly technology and equipment event that brings together international chip manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers and equipment suppliers, gathered in the manufacturing center of Penang, Malaysia, to showcase the latest developments in the industry. The electronics industry in Penang has over 40 years of experience, as evidenced by the presence of numerous Multinational Corporations (MNCS). Pioneers in Penang's electronics industry and companies that continue to invest in Penang to this day are AMD, Hewlett Packard (later Agilent), Intel, Hitachi (now Renesas), Bosch and Osram. Penang's initial manufacturing success earned Penang the reputation of "Eastern Silicon Valley".


Hongruixing (Hubei) Electronics Co., Ltd. (HOREXS Group, Hongruixing), formerly known as Boluo Hongruixing Electronics Co., Ltd., was established in 2009. It focuses on the business of packaging substrates for memory chips and has a certain reputation in the field of memory chips in China. status;


HOREXS Group will build a factory in 2020, mainly relying on the foundation of HOREXS for rapid expansion. Its products are mainly concentrated in the manufacture of mid-to-high-end packaging substrates. Products include FCCSP, CSP, Sip, eMMC, FBGA, MEMS , Memory (BGA) and other packaging substrate manufacturing, the substrate type is mainly based on BT materials, widely used in consumer, automotive, aerospace, industrial and other chip packaging fields.


At present, the company is headquartered in Huangshi City, Hubei Province, and retains the Huizhou Hongruixing production and operation base, and the international market operation department is established in Shenzhen.


Since its establishment, the company has been based on the R&D, manufacturing and sales of ultra-thin printed circuit boards and semiconductor packaging and testing substrates. Factory, etc. provide first-class products and services.


Since its establishment and development, Hongruixing has been continuously cultivating process improvement and research and development, and is committed to building its own professional expert team to form a key service to global customers with process, quality and service.


At that time, customers and experts from all walks of life, such as semiconductor packaging and IC design, are welcome to consult and guide.


我司HOREXS将于2023年7月份首度参加 EMAX-Electronics ManufacturingExpo Asia。
EMAX 2023 是唯一汇集国际芯片制造商、半导体制造商和设备供应商,聚集在马来西亚槟城制造业中心,展示行业最新发展的电子制造和组装技术及设备盛会。槟城电子工业拥有 40 多年的经验,众多跨国公司 (MNCS) 的存在证明了这一点。槟城电子业的先驱和持续在槟城投资发展至今的公司有 AMD、Hewlett Packard(后为 Agilent)、Intel、Hitachi(现为 Renesas)、Bosch 和 Osram。槟城最初的制造业成功使槟城享有“东方硅谷”的美誉.

宏锐兴(湖北)电子有限责任公司(HOREXS Group、宏锐兴)前身是博罗县宏瑞兴电子有限公司,成立于2009年,专注于存储芯片封装基板业务,在国内存储芯片领域有一定的地位;

宏锐兴(HOREXS Group)则是在2020年建厂,主要依托宏瑞兴的基础进行快速扩张,产品主要集中在中高端封装基板制造,产品涵盖如FCCSP、CSP、Sip、eMMC、FBGA,MEMS,Memory(BGA)等封装基板制造,该基板类型主要是以BT刚性材料为主,广泛应用于消费类、汽车类、航天、工业类等芯片封装领域。





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