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October 19, 2020

Mini LED,Horexs has its technology

Mini LED is regarded as the leading technology of the next-generation display technology Micro LED, and it is applied to devices such as laptops, mobile phones, small-pitch displays, automotive displays, and televisions with direct-lit backlight concepts. It is expected to develop differentiated backlights. High-end models compete with OLED high-end models. The Mini LED concept shrinks the size of traditional LED chips to the 100μm to 300μm level, which is not far from the existing technology and does not require new equipment expenditures.

Adopted by the Mini LED backlight application LED a considerable number, from about 8000 laptops, television consumption of about 100000 to 300000 to 65 inches, amount to more than 50 times more than conventional backlighting, not only can the Dimming partition number (Local Dimming Zones) do more more meticulous, achieve high dynamic range (HDR) presents the high contrast effect, also can shorten the optical range (OD) in order to reduce the overall thickness thin specification.

However, this also resulted in the problem of increased cost. He explained that the increase of LED consumption also relatively raised the cost of packaging, PCB and drive IC, and also solved the problems of uneven luminance, backlight module overheating, poor light effect, Mura and Color Shift.

If the future niche market of Mini LED is analyzed from the perspective of cost, professionals believe that the cost of Mini LED in mobile applications is too much higher than the advanced technology OLED, and basically the opportunity to enter is not high;Laptop and TV are close to OLED in terms of cost competition, so there are more opportunities to develop into higher order market in the future.As for display application, it is the most promising. With less competitive pressure of OLED, display application is expected to become the largest niche market of Mini LED, especially for e-sports market with high margin, which has relatively large space and opportunities for development.

The Mini LED is expected to be available in the first and second quarters of 2019, a $1.6 billion market for the full year, experts said, citing cost and technical concerns that have yet to be overcome.He believes that the overall output value will fall on TV, display and other backlight applications with the largest amount of LED consumption, and in terms of cost, it will still enter the medium and high-end market. Especially in the medium size field, gaming monitor accounts for the highest proportion, which is estimated to account for about 70% to 80%, which is expected to drive the growth of the overall market scale of Mini LED.

Thinness will be the future trend!

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