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January 20, 2021

Top 10 global semiconductor manufacturers' revenue in 2020

Gartner predicts that after a 12% decline in 2019, global semiconductor revenue will rebound to a total of $449.8 billion in 2020, an increase of 7.3% from 2019. The following table reveals the top ten semiconductor manufacturers, Intel still occupies the top of the list; Samsung, SK Hynix, and Micron's three original storage makers followed closely, Kioxia jumped from 14 in 2019 to 9 in 2020; MediaTek has the fastest growth rate , The ranking rose to 8th; Texas Instruments became the only manufacturer with a negative growth rate.

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Andrew Norwood, vice president of research at Gartner, said: “At the beginning of 2020, people think that the epidemic will have a negative impact on all terminal equipment markets, but the actual impact is very small. Certain areas of the automotive, industrial and consumer markets have been hit by reduced corporate and consumer spending. . However, home isolation has greatly increased the time spent on home and online learning, thereby allowing the market to benefit from it."

In 2020,The IC substrate orders of HOREXS Group was always overbook,HOREXS Group also invested new IC substrate factory building,As long as HOREXS Group output and technology ability get improvement,HOREXS has confidence to support more IC substrate for global IC packaging companies such as Micron/SK Hynix /Samsung and more.

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