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January 23, 2021

TSMC will set up packaging and testing plant in Japan

According to Taiwan media reports, the Japanese government strongly invited TSMC to set up factories in Japan to achieve a major breakthrough. According to sources, in order to disperse the risk of the Sino-US trade technology war and the rise in geographic tensions, at the strong invitation of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, TSMC will establish a joint venture with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan and set up an advanced packaging and testing plant in Tokyo. TSMC has become The U.S.-Japan system plays an important role in building a new line of defense for semiconductor technology.

The cooperation between TSMC and Japan is expected to sign a memorandum of cooperation and announced in the near future that the two parties will set up an advanced packaging and testing plant in Japan with a half-funded cooperation structure. This will also be TSMC's first overseas establishment. Block packaging and testing plant.

The Japanese government has never given up on inviting TSMC to set up factories in Japan, and it also confirms the statement that TSMC founder Zhang Zhongmou previously stated that "TSMC will be a geopolitical battleground."

TSMC’s share price continued to rewrite its historical high price yesterday after the foreign investors’ return to buying after a holiday. It closed at 536 yuan and rose by 6 yuan. The market value rose to 13.89 trillion yuan and led the Taiwan stock market to rise by 169.5 points. The indicator reached a new high of 14,902.

It is understood that after the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan wanted TSMC to set up factories in the United States on the grounds of national security, it was worried that it would weaken Japan's global semiconductor position, so it immediately proposed to invite TSMC to set up a wafer factory in Japan.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan even invited Japanese semiconductor equipment and materials manufacturers to participate. In mid-April 2019, it signed a joint venture agreement with TSMC to establish a Japanese advanced semiconductor research and development center, and allocated up to 190 billion yen in funding for the companies participating in this plan. Subsidy, this agreement was signed by TSMC’s senior vice president in charge of Eurasian business He Limei with the Japanese side.

TSMC later assessed that although Japan has advantages in semiconductor equipment and material technology, it lacks a complete supply chain on the wafer manufacturing side and will disperse TSMC’s research and development resources in advanced processes, and finally decided to abandon the establishment of a wafer factory in Japan.

Japan’s efforts to set up a wafer fab for TSMC in Japan were unsuccessful, and the goal turned to persuade TSMC to set up an advanced packaging and testing plant in Japan. For the Japanese government, since semiconductor chips must eventually pass packaging and testing before they can be used, if Japan has TSMC’s advanced packaging and testing plants, Japan’s demand for advanced process chips will not be immediately affected by geopolitical factors. Supply was cut off. Therefore, the Japanese government has turned to actively seeking TSMC to set up advanced packaging and testing plants in Japan in the past six months.

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