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January 20, 2021

Winbond's HyperRAM storage products enter the FPGA market

Winbond Electronics announced that its storage products have entered a new market area. FPGA manufacturer Gowin will use Winbond's 64Mb HyperRAM high-speed storage products in its latest GoAI 2.0 machine learning platform.

Gowin GoAI 2.0 is specially developed for machine learning applications and is suitable for edge computing applications such as smart door locks, smart speakers, voice control devices and smart toys. GoAI 2.0 platform hardware components GW1NSR4 adopts system-in-package (SiP), equipped with FPGA and Arm Cortex M3 microcontroller that can be used for machine learning applications, Winbond Electronics 64Mb HyperRAM KGD will provide related system support.

Winbond Electronics emphasizes that its HyperRAM technology is very suitable for Gowin’s main light and smart application market. In these applications, FPGA computing chips must be as miniaturized as possible, and sufficient storage and data bandwidth must be provided to support keywords such as keyword detection. Computing-intensive workloads such as measurement or image recognition.

Winbond’s 64Mb HyperRAM performance specifications include a maximum data bandwidth of 500MB/s, and can achieve ultra-low power consumption in both operation and Hybrid Sleep Mode. Currently, Winbond’s HyperRAM products can provide mass production capacity products such as 512Mb, 256Mb, 128Mb, 64Mb and 32Mb.


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